The wealth of a project is it's community. Everything must be done to make it grow and strengthen it.


Our project aims to build a strong and influential community. A community that will enrich it'self and provide access to quality information. This community will revolve around the Signature project and the Circle.

Signature is a collection of 8,888 NFTs, unique digital collectibles certified on the blockchain.


Signature NFTs are in the form of a magazine cover that pays homage to great blockchain projects and the figures who carry them.


Your Signature acts as a Circle membership card, gives access to the monthly Signature magazine and dividends that are donated to the community. These NFTs also offer exclusive member-only benefits: Airdrop, IDO and Whitelist.


Each NFT Signature is unique.


The first 50 are the result of individual work. They each represent a large project from the Blockchain universe in the form of a magazine cover.


The following 8838, all also unique, are reconstructed by computer by an algorithm taking into account a classification of rarity.


When you buy an NFT Signature, you're not just buying a piece of art that is proven to be rare.

You buy access to many benefits. Benefits that will increase over time.

Your Signature can serve as your digital identity and open digital doors for you.

Free access to Signature magazine

Vote in the DAO

Payment of project profits using the token

Access to the Circle

The Circle will become operational once it is activated in the roadmap. This private server can only be accessed by wallets containing at least one NFT Signature.


The Circle is a place of exchange and communication. A place where information will circulate in real time so that the community can be aware of the opportunities and the reality of the market.

External speakers will be invited to present their good plans, their projects and their market analyzes. Experts in trading, technical and fundamental analysis and project leaders will be invited to meet the community in a unique exchange. The selection criteria will be high to guarantee the quality of the information.


The goal of the Circle is to form a community that will increase its influence and prestige over time. DAOs are the organizations of tomorrow and they will play an important role in the future.


A community token will be deployed by the roadmap to provide passive income to the owners of Signature NFTs. It will be distributed monthly to the owners, taking into account the active participation in the DAO and the Circle. An active member will be more rewarded than a passive member.


The tokenomics information will be confirmed after the sale of the NFTs according to the preferences of the community.


Through this token, this income will be paid to the owners:

- Profit from the sale of Signature magazine.

- Profit from resales of Signature NFTs on trading places.

- Temporary entry fee to the Circle to communicate with members for marketing purposes.


A staking system will be put in place to encourage the community to maintain the community token over time.

The ROADMAP represents the target sales objectives before it's deployment.


Redesign of the site with integration of smart contracts.


Opening of the Circle, it's server and start of invitations.


Community token airdrop. Setting up monthly rewards and setting up staking.


Great community game for the launch of the first issue of Signature magazine.

25,000 USDC as a reward.


Acceleration of the marketing campaign with a presence in the capitals of the world but also in different metavers. Billboards, newspaper advertising, partnerships ....


Launch of physical and virtual exhibitions of Signature works in different capitals of the world and Blockchain-related events.


Establishment of the DAO.

The first phase of marketing will be virtual. Events on social networks and metaverse.

Then the real world marketing campaign will take place. Billboards, newspaper posters and attendance at major events.

Since Signature are works of art, it is important to give them public exposure in order to increase their exposure.

We plan to do exhibitions in the capitals of the world to promote blockchain technology, NFTs, but especially Signature NFTs. It is one of the many ways to promote our work, but also the prestige of these works of art.

In order to keep the price of NFTs high, we plan to use the BUY & UP mechanism.


Information related to the sale will be communicated later. Price, date and terms.

The information that we can already communicate to you about the sale is as follows: no successive rounds or price levels.


Gamer and coder.
Passionate about Metaverse and technology.

In charge of the development of Smartcontracts, Candy Machine and servers.

Designer and writer.

Passionate about art in digital and physical form.

In charge of the site, social networks but above all Signature.

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